High School Students Today Need More than a Solid Grounding in Academic Subjects like History, Science, Mathematics and Literature

Today's Students Need Business Savvy, Valuable Business Skills and the Confidence to Successfully Take On New Challenges After High School Graduation

Biz Academy's Launch Your Business course combines self-paced, video-based learning with group coaching to help students plan and launch a successful business

  • Learn about the world of business and business opportunities
  • Gain valuable business skills with hand-on projects
  • Develop creativity and critical thinking skills
  • Video-based, self-paced lessons with insightful reading assignments
  • Weekly group coaching calls to get answers and learn from others 
  • Questions answered by email for help in between coaching calls
  • Written assignments critiqued and corrected to improve writing skills
  • Plan and launch a business to make money in high school and beyond

What Do Past Students Say?

“I love how this course is so unique compared to other basic high school courses…it teaches something completely new! I also love how this course is so focused on taking action instead of just learning about business.”

“I enjoyed taking this course. It gave me exposure to tools and skills I had never heard of or learned much about before (website builders, Audacity, photography, etc).”

“My experience with this course has been one of gaining knowledge and learning how to not only start my own business, but how to sustain and take care of it. I had a pretty great business experience in this course. The course work was pretty light in the beginning, and then towards the end it got really heavy really fast, which was pretty hectic. But all in all I believe that this class was beneficial in many ways. :)”

“My experience is that Launch Your Business was rigorous, challenging, but fun. Constantly you had to think, rethink, learn, re-learn, and just use common sense. It was eye opening into the business world and how it actually operates, how difficult business can be, but how much easier you can make it if you're smart. There are some parts of the course that are harder than others, but if you think about it that's exactly what business is like. I am glad I took this course and wish I took it sooner.”

What is included in the program?

The Launch Your Business  program consists of six modules which take the student from business novice to planning and launching an online business using newly developed business skills. Students get questions answered by email and at weekly coaching sessions during the school year. Coaching calls are recorded for later replay and review. Written assignments are critiqued and corrected to improve writing skills. There is also a discussion forum for students to ask questions and help each other.

The Launch Your Business course includes coaching to help students gain clarity, get unstuck and keep moving forward throughout the course. 

All Biz Academy courses come with a no-nonsense, no hassle 30 day money back guarantee.

Note: Depending on your student’s age and situation you may or may not want your student to launch an online business at the conclusion of the course. That's fairly normal depending on when a student takes the course in high school. This is doubly true when the student is in middle school. Remember that planning a business is a dress rehearsal for a future business launch. 

Currently Closed to New Students

The Biz Academy Launch Your Business course will be re-open for new students soon. Please join our newsletter to get notified when the course is available for purchase.

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